It may not cost anything to smile or laugh but what does it cost to show an act of kindness?

One day I was going to my neighborhood grocery store as I normally do and I ran into a guy who looked as if he was just having a very bad day. And when I say looked like he was having a bad day, I just don’t mean a guy who was out on his luck. He looked like he was down, out and got kicked and punched along the way. He asked me if I could help him get something to eat. Long gone are the days where I just give money out in hopes that the receiver actually uses it to get “something to eat”. I’ve witnessed too many “bad habits” being purchased and practiced with the use of my charitable contributions. So I told him that I can purchase something to eat on my way out. I asked “Richard” if he wanted he can sit and wait for me at a table. As I finished my shopping, I noticed how people looked and stared because it appeared that he was homeless and abused physically. His face was swollen and his right eye was blood shot red. ┬áBesides being hungry Richard might have felt ostracized by the mistreatment of the world. I realized Richard needed more than just a nice meal – he needed a friend. So I sat and spoke with Richard while we both ate our lunch. And now I see Richard every week and we talk, and he looks better and better each time I see him.

To show kindness to someone may cost lunch money, some time and maybe even a little discomfort at first. But you can’t but a price on the way you make someone feel. Instead of wasting your Monday complaining that its Monday, I urge you to do one nice thing for someone today. You’ll be glad you did (and they will too).