Let’s slow down today and take the time to appreciate a very simple and beautiful day.
September 21st is the United Nations International Peace Day. How did I come across this? Simple – the date is observed in calendars in America and as I am learning to observe the small details in life, I allowed myself to absorb this day as I was writing errands in my planner. In 1999, filmmaker Jeremy Gilley launched Peace One Day to find a starting point for peace. His mission was simple; to establish the first annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence and have a fixed calendar date.  Two years later, the UN adopted September 21st as the United Nations International Day of Peace.  You may wonder how this affects us? Simple – September 21st is a day for non-violence and global ceasefire with life-saving activities around the world and opportunities for  young generations to become involved in the peace process.  Peace won’t happen overnight, but with a knowledgeable and passionate generation of people this movement for peace can make a difference and be around for more than just a day.

Today is Peace Day and  I want to ask you to think about what peace means to you? If there is anything you can do today to promote peace what will it be? Feel free to leave a comment, your suggestions can inspire!

– Evie P.