Every time I see the Ferries Wheel, I recall the fantasy I imagined when I was a little girl. Every time I see Fireworks, I recall the wishes I had. For me, the Ferries Wheel and Fireworks are signs of happiness and brightness. Although I am already an adult, I still get so excited when I see them. They are the links from my childhood to my adulthood and my inner imagination of happiness. Looking at pictures of Ferris Wheels or Fireworks shinning in the dark sky, I can’t help but think about the simple life when I was a child. I miss the simple happiness, the simple beauty, the simple life so much!!
I took these pictures at Chicago’s Navy Pier where there is a beautiful Ferris Wheel and Fireworks Shows at night. I hope you look at my pictures with an open heart and are able to see through the eyes of a child and remember how you felt as one.

Photos taken by Chenchen @Navy Pier

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