As humans, we tend to focus on the negative rather than see through it to the positive.  Life would be much more beautiful if we could see the beauty in things we would otherwise recognize as unpleasant or appalling.

© The Subtle Rudder, 2008

© The Subtle Rudder, 2008

The Japanese have found a way to make broken pottery beautiful.  In an art called Kintsugi, the Japanese fill cracks and mend pieces together using a gold sprinkled lacquer.  They have learned how to create something so beautiful out of what many would view simply as broken pottery and possibly throw away.

We should all take this lesson from the Japanese and utilize it in our lives.  Instead of seeing something as broken and passing it off as useless, let us try to see the beauty that isn’t so obvious.  For example, rather than quickly viewing the homeless as repulsive, attempt to see them in another light.  Their life may have been hard and the wisdom gained from that experience may be amazingly beautiful.

I encourage you all to begin finding the positive in things you find immediately distasteful.  The more things you see in your life as beautiful, the more beautiful your world will be!