Since Life Made Simple has covered many simple – yet beautiful things in life, I began to think about life itself. How many times have you wondered “who am I?” and “why am I here”? Does it ever feel like your life is a huge circle? What is the meaning behind the repetitive things we do in our daily lives?

The Myth of Sisyphus is a very interesting story from Greek Mythology about king Sisyphus who gets punished by the Greek Gods for his trickery. King Sisyphus is then condemned to roll a huge rock up to a steep hill forever.  As the story goes, Sisyphus would come close to the top of the hill, but the rock would roll back down – he never gets the rock to the top.

Based on Sisyphus’ myth, I would like you to consider the following: If Sisyphus had known that he could never roll the huge rock up to the top of the hill, would he still have worked so hard to get it done? There is no right or wrong answer, however, do think about what the meaning is behind this repetition.

In China, there is an old folktale similar to the story of Sisyphus called The Little Shepherd. As the story goes, a traveler comes to a small village, sees a shepherd boy and he asks him, “What do you herd sheep for?” “In order to marry a young lady,” the boy answered. “Why do you want to marry?” The traveler asked again. “In order to have children,” the boy answered. “Why do you want to have children?” The traveler went on asking. The boy thought a while and answered, “for herding my sheep!”

Both of these stories show life as a cycle in which we are repeating what we did yesterday and our children will repeat what we are doing now. When people are born, they are born into a world where other people have already worked out ways to manage the problems they will likely encounter themselves. When children are young, they should learn and practice wisdom from the previous generations. Thus, human beings develop generation by generation with repeating traditions. Fortunately, this kind of repetition is not always the same for everyone. We all find our own little beauties and unique experiences along the way.

Sisyphus was condemned to a repetitive action his entire life.  His courage and braveness were so strong that he did not hate or hesitate but just faced his fate. The story of Sisyphus teaches that no matter how difficult a situation might seem, we are strong individuals and we shouldn’t give up.

The young shepherd boy most likely learned to be a shepherd from his own father. Since a shepherds’ life is all he knew, he wanted to pass on his knowledge to his own children, hence to have children the shepherd boy must first find a wife. He too accepts his fate and takes part in this repetitive life cycle.

Hopefully this story has shed some light on life as a cycle. We start as young, crying babies needing the care of our parents.  If fortunate with a long healthy life, we end in old age with our children then taking care of us.  It’s only one life cycle that we each  go through. We might as well enjoy it from the first bud to the very last shriveled leaf!

Leaves as Life’s Cycle…

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I have been the city of Chicago for nearly two months now. As an exchange student, I still feel fresh at UIC and feel that UIC could give me different surprises every day. I really enjoy my life studying here at UIC. The environment also makes me feel good. When fall comes to Chicago, the scenery at the  University changes. I was surprised one day coming to the campus to see the scenery. Leaves turn red or yellow, but some still stay green. When wind comes, leaves fall down like raining leaves. What a nice day! Looking at students walking by, sitting on the grass, reading in the sunshine, this is what I want for college life. I realize that Life IS Made Simple and beautiful just walking on the campus! I hope you enjoy the photos I’ve taken. I hope you enjoy walking on the campus and happily starting a new day.


As the famous artist Augeuste Rodin said, “There is no lack of beauty in life but lack of the eyes to discover it.” I totally agree with him. Opening our eyes in the morning, one sees the sun shining, the leaves dancing and perhaps people doing morning exercises. What a wonderful day! What are you going to do today?  As you get dressed and go outside say “Hello World” and “Welcome New Day!” What am I going to do today? Personally I will take my camera and capture the beautiful moments life has to offer! Yes, that is one of the most important things in my life.

For me, the meaning of life is more than living itself. I want to make my life fresh and energetic. That is why I love running-I can hug freedom like the wind. That is why I love traveling- I can explore new places and find passion. That is why I love chatting- I get inspiration and cheer for new friendships. That is why I love taking pictures; to make the beautiful moments become  inspirations forever. These things I love are  simple. Life – IS TO Be – Made Simple.

I am more than happy to share the simple beauty, little surprises and inspirations in my life through my pictures. I hope you can feel something from them; the story I am telling, the spirit inside each image, the Life captured by the lens.  Anything meaningful, beautiful and simple you can get is my pleasure to share with you.

Photo Taken by Chenchen =D

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A lot of times when we wake up in the morning, we focus on what tasks we must accomplish for the day.  Let us start taking a step back and appreciate the small beauties of life.  Being able to realize the beauty in everyday things, such as the sunrise, can make our ordinary days filled with wonder.