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I have been the city of Chicago for nearly two months now. As an exchange student, I still feel fresh at UIC and feel that UIC could give me different surprises every day. I really enjoy my life studying here at UIC. The environment also makes me feel good. When fall comes to Chicago, the scenery at the  University changes. I was surprised one day coming to the campus to see the scenery. Leaves turn red or yellow, but some still stay green. When wind comes, leaves fall down like raining leaves. What a nice day! Looking at students walking by, sitting on the grass, reading in the sunshine, this is what I want for college life. I realize that Life IS Made Simple and beautiful just walking on the campus! I hope you enjoy the photos I’ve taken. I hope you enjoy walking on the campus and happily starting a new day.



Its kind of hard to believe that today is the first day of fall when the temperatures are high. But as we know winter is right around the corner. And we know how harsh cold and windy weather can be on our skin so it is crucial to try and protect it as it protects us!

Did you know that your skin is the biggest detoxification organ? The skin will show symptoms of toxins, clogging and other negative signs that are in the body screaming to get out. You can cleanse and keep your skin protected this winter with detoxification (removing toxins from the body), body scrubs (remove dead skin cells) and other simple techniques with items from the comfort of your home!

Simple Detox:
Lemon Juice (juice from a fresh squeezed lemon)

Because lemons help break down fat molecules because of its acidity and high pH, they are great detoxers and a good way to cleanse your digestive organs.

Simple Body Scrub:
Brown Sugar
Olive oil (or Vitamin E Oil)
Lemon Juice (Only a few squeezed drops)

This sweet body scrub makes for an excellent and inexpensive exfoliative to rub away all those dead skin cells. The brown sugar acts as the exfoliator while the oil and honey moisturizes. The honey also helps kill bacteria. It is also good for your face (Just be careful with using too much lemon juice on your face because of the acidity).

These simple, easy remedies are natural ways to detox your body that can leave you feeling refreshed and revived!

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